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Competition policy

Our pro-competitive mission is based on the fundamental premise of the competition laws according to which competition produces the best products and services at lower prices, encourages innovation and enhances efficiency and economy as a whole. Restriction on competition affects all stakeholders, from consumers to employees.

Our company target is to be sure that the market acts competitive by removing unreasonable restrictions on competition and prevent anti-competitive behavior.

Greenweee International has a strict compliance policy  regarding the competition law, as we believe in honest market competition and we behave accordingly. We do not tolerate violations of this legislation from our employees, business partners and our competitors. Our company has pro-competitive policy  which is often referred to, our employees being regularly trained in complying with the requirements of this policy. However, we expect our business partners to share and respect our commitment for integrity and compliance with competition law.

Appropriate behavior on the market

Greenweee International success is based on quality and integrity. This success comes from the relations with customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and the whole community and thus we are building a long term trust and, ultimately, this determines our success on the market. We have a proper behavior with everyone, not taking unfair advantages through manipulation, concealment, misrepresentation or other improper practices.

Advertising and marketing practices

Greenweee International always gives to its public and partners clear and accurate information regarding quality, price, products and services. We do not mislead or overlook important issues and we do not resort to misleading advertising, sales or marketing practices in any way to defy the low of competition.

Relations with suppliers and partners

We treat our suppliers and partners in a fair and equitable manner. Whenever possible, Greenweee International will provide to its suppliers competitive opportunities consistent with its goals in order to meet customer expectations regarding quality, price and delivery. We ensure you that procurement decisions are always taken on economic principles of efficiency and price competiveness. Employees working with suppliers shall not accept or seek personal gain from an actual or potential supplier.

Customer relations

Our business success depends on our ability of promoting lasting relationships with customers. Greenweee International is committed to treat its customers in a fair way, honest and with integrity, without any discrimination.

We equally provide the same information to all our customers, accurate and correct information. Our employees shall not intentionally provide misleading information to customers or suppliers. Greenweee International has a strict policy of compliance with competition laws as we believe in fair market competition and we behave accordingly. We do not tolerate violations of this legislation from our employees, business partners and from our competitors.

Relationships with competitors

Our company promotes free and open market competition. Employees must not acquire and use confidential information of competitors or make false statements about the behavior of their business practices. Some agreements with competitors are prohibited per se, meaning that they cannot be justified in any way, whatever the intention of the parties. Our company will not tolerate any form of anti-competitive arrangements, only wanting to compete in a healthy market through price, quality and services. Greenweee's behavior is based unilaterally on our own judgments about business. Any contact that implies the existence of an illegal agreement with competitors, customers or suppliers is strictly avoided.